In his recent oil-paintings Nicopol is interested in developing a new, raw and pure language of art exploring an area where thoughts become pictures before they become words. Some recent examples you’ll find here.

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The project section

On of the latest projects of Nicopol was creating a merge of painting and photography called “merged media”! A lot of friends who are artists, actors or models or both helped him exploring this interesting field of two different art-languages colliding and forming something new.

The next project will be about a merge too even more exciting, created by Nicopol and an artist friend and published and this place soon.


The thought is art

A manifesto by Nicolas Nicopol

A thought is a meaning, an opinion or an imagination – a definition or an idea or arrangements of ideas that are the result of a process of thinking.  A thought is technically the product of thinking in the form of a judgment, a term or a combination of both, which reflects the general among the mass of separate parts at its best or locating the essential, the principles in the diversity of the world that humans experience. The thought is always creative. The thought is art. The art of thoughts captures the essential before it becomes a reduced and matched part of systems in forms, symbols, signs and languages. The art of thoughts can take any form in any media. The art of thoughts is free.

June, 2018

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The Krönung / The Crowning (DE/EN)

Die Krönung 2018, Öl auf Leinwand Bei der Produktion einer neuen Sprache der Kunst beschäftigt sich Nicopol auch mit Bildern anderer Maler, hier intensiv mit Caravaggios Gemälde „Dornenkrönung Christi“ aus dem 15 Jahrhundert. Die Dornenkrönung birgt für Nicopol viel Geheimnisvolles, die stumme Theatralik der Darsteller, die an etwas völlig anderes zu denken scheinen, als an …